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Symphony is a XML/XSL/PHP-based CMS. This is not to be confused with the PHP5 Framework with the similar name of Symfony.

Installing Symphony

(as of 1.7.01)

The installation of Symphony on DreamHost is very straightforward. It has been packaged into a nice installer easy enough for anyone to use with all the relevant information. Almost just as simple as WordPress' famous 5-minute setup.

  1. Create a new database in your DreamHost panel account
  2. Log into your account on Symphony, then under Resources on the left side, click Download Symphony
  3. Extract the zip/tar file
  4. Upload the contents of the Symphony folder onto your web server. The current contents for Symphony 1.7.01 include:
    1. symphony (dir)
    2. workspace (dir)
    3. index.php
    4. install.php
    5. README
  5. Once all files are uploaded, type in your url with install.php:
  6. Fill out all the necessary fields on this page.
    1. Database Connection
      1. Root Path will be filled in automagically (should not need to change)
      2. Database - name of table you wish to store your Symphony information into as well as your User Name and Password to access said table
      3. Advanced Options
        • The only field that needs to be changed is the Host field. This is your database subdomain where your table lives
        • Table Prefix can usually be left as is, unless if you're installing into a database with the sym_prefix already
        • all other fields in here should be left the same
      4. Files and Directories drop downs should be left as is
    2. User Information - this is the first admin account for your new build of Symphony
      1. Username, Password, and Confirm Password are all pretty self explanatory
      2. Personal Information
        • Associated with the first admin account. Used to retrieve a forgotten password and to reset said password. All fields also self explanatory.
    3. Delete the install.php file.

Now if all went well, you should be seeing a screen like this:

Symphony default admin.gif

and you are ready to use Symphony!

Campfire Services

(as of 1.7.01)

Campfire Services are a unique extension system for Symphony. These services add functionality to Symphony without needing to compromise the integrity of the system. This is commonly referred to as a CS.

Flickr Fetch and Dreamhost - file_get_contents() not allowed

Because of security measures set by Dreamhost, the Campfire Service Flickr Fetch will not work. The author of the CS created an alternate version of the CS that can be used on a Dreamhost server.

The solution is detailed in the Overture forum.:

XSLT Support

When attempting to install Symphony, if you encounter the following error message Your PHP Installation does not have an XSL processor available, please submit a support ticket and request that PHP be recompiled on your server with XSLT support. Some XSLT Processor options include Sablotron XSLT (PHP4) or LibXSLT (PHP5).

GD Support

If images outputted through Symphony's image controls are loading in your browser as garbled code, simply request that support recompile PHP on your server with GD support. This should alleviate the problem.

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