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If you have your site being hosted at another host but would like to host a specific Sub-domain here with us, that can easily be done. Just follow this guide below to get this type of setup working.

Lets say you want to host the sub-domain "" here with us

1. Login into your Webpanel and go to the Manage Domain Page under the Domain Menu, then click on add a new domain to create the Main Domain here with us even though you are not going to be hosting it with us. This is required because our system stores the sub-domain on the main domains DNS system.

Subdomain hosting 00.jpg

2. Once you have created the Main Domain you can then click on Add a new domain again to add your Sub-domain

Subdomain hosting 00.jpg

3. Then the Sub-domain has been created you can then click on the DNS link under the domain name so that you can get the IP address that you will need to point your sub-domain to at your other hosting company.

Subdomain hosting 000.jpg

4. Once you are in the DNS settings page you will want to scroll down and look for the first DNS entry that is a A record, the IP to the right is the IP address of your sub-domain. You will need this IP so copy it where you can easily find it later.

Subdomain hosting 0000.jpg

5. Now go to your current Hosting Provider and locate their DNS management page. Each Hosting company will have a different DNS management system so this image in only a representation of a DNS system.

Subdomain hosting 08.jpg

6. You will then edit the DNS settings to point the Sub-domain you want to host here at You will need to contact your host for their specific instructions on how to edit DNS settings on their system if you are not sure how to do it. Once you edit the settings it will transfer the hosting for that one sub-domain over here at

Subdomain hosting 09.jpg

7. After 1-3 hours your DNS should update and your hosting should finally be setup here on our system. You can upload your site files to it via FTP, setup emails, etc.

Subdomain hosting 10.jpg

Note: If your site goes down you will want to repeat step #4 to make see if the IP address for your domain here has changed, if it has just update your DNS settings at your hosting company. This should fix this problem.