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This will be a checklist of things to check if your site is down. First the basics:

  • Is your DreamHost account suspended?

Login here to check. You would see a big red "SUSPENDED" notice. If so, click Make Payment to pay and have the account re-enabled. You'll receive an automated email when that is completed and once the DNS and other server updates go through, your site should be back up. NOTE: There is a risk of data loss for accounts in the suspended state. Your data should be OK if suspended for less than 2 weeks, after that your data MIGHT be deleted! If it's been months, then it probably is. ANOTHER NOTE: Lifting a suspended status does not renew your domain registration(s). Check that separately on the next bullet point below.

  • Is your domain registration expired?

Login hereto check. Renew it ASAP if it is. It will be a normal renewal if you are within the first 30 days of being expired. If so, then renew it and the site should be back up within 15mins or so. If it's over 30 days, the domain is in "redemption" status and will cost $100 to "redeem this domain". Click that button and make the payment. This will then trigger a message to tech support to "redeem" your domain. They will reply to you via email when that is completed.

OK so your DreamHost account and domain name is fine. What next? Proceed below and btw I'll be assuming you have done Enabling_Shell_Access and know how to SSH and stuff.

Try accessing your site through a webproxy such as ZendProxy. If you can access it that way, then you may need to flush your DNS cahce, contact your ISP, or use a different DNS such as OpenDNS.

Shared server

  • Find out your web server name first. Login here then click Account Status in the top-right corner of the screen. Your hostname would be Replace "webservername" with your web server name you found in Account Status. Now attempt to SSH to it with one of your users. It doesn't work? ping also fails? contact support. It does work and you're logged in? Great, let's continue.

VPS server

Dedicated server