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Signing up to register a domain or host your site with DreamHost is a straightforward process which will only take about five minutes. Your account will then be set up automatically, or may be held for review and may be approved within 24 non-holiday business hours if there are payment issues. You can sign up immediately with just about any credit card. You may be asked to Fax additional information.

Can I have an adult Content on my website or dreambook?

Yes this is fine as long as it is legal within the United States of America.

DreamHost does not restrict the content of sites hosted on our servers, except if that content is illegal in the United States of America. Illegal content includes:

  • blatant copyright infringement
  • libel
  • child pornography
Other than this, go crazy!

Does DreamHost offer a special deal to charitable organizations?

We sure do!

To take advantage of our charitable nonprofit discount program please review the following page.

Please note that this discount is applicable toward a single shared hosting package per organization. Hosting packages that are already discounted as the result of a sale or other special promotion are not eligible to receive this discount. You must first sign up for a hosting package at the full price before we can apply the discount.

How long after I sign up can I start building my site?

If your account is automatically approved, your machine user will be created and ready for uploading within 15 minutes of you signing up! If your account is not automatically approved, it will be within at most 24 hours.

It will take a little bit longer for your domain name to actually work on the web though! New domain registrations and DNS transfers typically take 24-48 hours to work while the DNS propogates across the Internet.

I'm not in the US, is that a problem?

Nope! We currently host websites in more than 100 different countries! Go ahead and sign up like anybody else!

If you don't have a credit card, just be sure to contact our sales team to make other arrangements.

Can I use a personal site for business use? A business site for personal use?

Yes and yes.

You can use any of our hosting plans for any use, commercial or private, nonprofit or governmental. As long as all of your content is legal in the United States, we will have no problem hosting your site.

This is great! What's the catch?

There really is no catch. We offer a quality service at a great price, and we do our best to make sure you enjoy it so much you will tell all your friends!

"Do I have to have your banner on my site?"

Rest assured that all sites that we host are BANNER-FREE. It's your site (you're paying us to host it) - we wouldn't dream of forcing you to promote our services! We prefer to earn that privilege and compensate you for it: DreamHost Rewards.