Secure Jabber connections

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We do support Secure Jabber connections!

In order for secure Jabber to work, you must have a secure certificate already set up for the domain you're using jabber on.

That's it! If secure service is already running on that domain, then when you set up jabber users on that domain you'll be able to use jabber securely!
Make sure you set the port to 5222 on your jabber account!

Not all Jabber clients actually support SSL connections, so if you're interested in this, make sure you check out if your client does.

Tips for specific clients:

PSIEncrypt Connection: Needs to be set to Legacy SSL
AdiumCheck 'Force Old-Style SSL'
PidginAccounts > Manage Accounts:
UsernameUsername without domain name
DomainYour domain name (everything that comes after the "@"
AdvancedRequire SSL/TLSChecked
Force old (port 5222) SSLChecked
Connect port5222 (for redundancy's sake)
Connect (use this if putting in your domain or leaving blank leads to timeouts)