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We are more than happy to allow reselling of our services... but read below!

Do you offer a resellers program?

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We have nothing special to offer you, other than the DreamHost Affiliates Rewards system, and you are required to manage all your clients accounts yourself from our panel (there is no re-branding, or billing of clients for you, or providing support to your clients), but as long as you're willing to manage your customers yourself, we do offer a pretty compelling value!

How does reselling DreamHost services work?

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Simply sign up for hosting with DreamHost, then start adding your customers' domains to your account! It's that simple. You will bill your customers directly, and you're free to charge whatever you consider fair.

If, instead, you'd like to refer customers to DreamHost, you can do that too! Be sure to check out our DreamHost Affiliates Rewards program! You can earn up to $97 a referral!

Can I charge whatever I want to my customers as a reseller?

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Yes, Absolutely! You can charge your customers whatever you like. We are simply providing you with the plan which you will be responsible for billing them yourself. You pay us for your hosting plan, and your customers pay you whatever you charge them.

How do I sign up to be a reseller?

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There's nothing to do! When you get a client, just add their own FTP user and domain to your account. You must manage everything on their account for them though.

Do you offer control panel customization for resellers?

Sorry but not at this time, there is currently is not enough demand for this feature to be implemented so we re currently focusing on other features that have received more demand.

Am I responsible for my clients' content/behavior on your servers?

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Yes! If any of your clients violate our Terms of Service, Spam, or Unlimited Policy, we consider it exactly the same as though you did.

What restrictions are there to reselling?

As it states in our Unlimited Policy, you can not simply make your account resources available to the "general public".

It's kind of moot though, because as soon as you did, somebody in the general public would do something to cause your entire account to get disabled!