Renewing Secure Certificate

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If you have bought your SSL certificate through us and your certificate is coming close to its expiration date, we will send you a reminder email to the address you have listed as the account contact email.

Ssl renew 01.png

All you have to do is click on the link in the email to go to the SSL Management page where you will see the option to renew your SSL certificate. Both of the certs you see here are the same certificate. We display our certs as the actual cert itself and the domain that you have secured with it. Either renew button will work as they do the same thing.

Ssl renew 02.png

Once you click on the renew button you will be given the option to update your secure information in case you have changed your address, etc. or you can simply renew it with your existing information.

Ssl renew 03.png

Once you select your option and renew your certificate you will be asked to pay for the renewal and then you will be given a confirmation message on the following page to show that your new certificate has been ordered.

Ssl renew 04.png

Once your certificate has been renewed you should see a pending certificate on your SSL Management page that is On Order. If you do not see this, then that means that your renewal did not go through which you can try to renew again or contact Support for help.

Ssl renew 05.png

Once the order goes through, our system will automatically install and replace your old certificate for you. The system will also email you to let you know your certificate is now up to date and send you a copy of your SSL key for your records.

Ssl renew 06.png

That is how you renew your Dreamhost ssl certificate.