Registrations and Domains

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Understanding Dreamhost

We would like to clear up the difference between a Registration and a Domain, for every website there are pretty much two parts. The Registration and the Domain, The Registrations or Domain Registrations as some call it can be considered a "Name Tag" for the website.

(Name Tag) <- Registrations

and consider the Domain like a box where you place all of your website files and content in.

(Box) <- Domain

When a visitor looks up your website name, the internet looks for the Registration (name) then the Registration points the visitor's browser to your Domain that is hosted here with us.

(Browser) -> Registration -> Domain

This would explain why if you add a Domain but do not register a Registration for that domain, it will not work because you will have the box but nothing pointing to it and if you register a Registration but do not setup the Domain for that registration, it will also not work because you have the name but it is not pointing to any box/files.