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Reblog is an RSS aggregator and feed manager that you install on your server (using php and mysql). The name "ReBlog" refers to the system whereas the main application is called ReFeed.

ReFeed can be used as a way of watching your feeds but is generally more useful for generating new feeds that you can then import into other web applications using plugins. Mainly, Reblog comes with plugins for WordPress and Movable Type that import feeds from the ReFeed interface and publish them as part of the blog. (At this time, AUG 9, 2006, there is also a Drupal plugin in development)

More information can be found at | the ReBlog website, as well as downloads of the software.

The instructions for installation included with the application are fairly clear and you should just follow them. The only reason I'm writing this article is to say the following:


NOTE: ReBlog does not support PHP5, so remember to set the domain you want to use for ReBlog to PHP4.*

It seems that Dreamhost has some kind of setting that makes ReFeed, upon installation, have no style and not make any sense. This is super-easy to fix, you just have to open your config.php file (which you already edited in the standard installation) and change one line at the bottom of the file. It says that the setting is only necessary in some situations and as such is not mandatory but it is needed for Dreamhost installations:

//define('REBLOG_REFEED_ROOT_PATH', "");

should be changed to be uncommented (remove the two slashes from the beginning "//") and reflect the url where it should be, i.e.


Then it should work fine (sweet!)