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General info on promo codes

You can use a promo code to earn a discount on the initial service charge for your hosting plan. A hosting plan that was signed up using a promo plan automatically renews at the regular price unless you set the account to NOT Auto Renew. Some promo codes offer additional services such as free registrations, more bandwidth, or more disk storage. We offer promo codes periodically during special events and sales promotions, and we provoide our existing customers with the ability to create their own promo codes which comes out of their Rewards System.

Promo code rules and regualtions

  1. Only new customers are able to use promo codes.
  2. A Domain cannot be setup on an promo plan if the domain was previously setup in our system.
  3. Promo codes can not be retroactively applied to accounts or changed to another promo code after the initial sign-up process.
  4. Promo code credits cannot be cashed out, refunded, or transferred to another account.

Accounts that are found to be abusing our promo code system are subject to account suspension (i.e., don't rip us off, and we won't rip you off).

If you have any questions that aren't covered in this wiki, just contact us and we are more them happy to answer your questions.