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You can make a payment at any time to your DreamHost account. If you make a payment towards an item that has not renewed yet (such as a yearly hosting or domain registration fee), that payment will post as a positive credit on the account until the specific item’s renewal date.

How can I make a payment?

Payments must be made through your DreamHost panel which offers a secure way to transmit payment data.

To make a payment:

  1. Navigate to the (Panel > ‘Billing & Account’ > ‘Make Payment’) page.
  2. Click the ‘Make Payment Now’ tab.
  3. Select any one of the accepted payment methods listed on this page:
    • PayPal
    • Credit/Debit Card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and Diners Club)
    • Checking Account
    • Check or Money Order
    • Gift Certificate
    Make payment 03.png
  4. Fill out all required payment fields.
  5. Click the blue button at the bottom of your specified payment section to submit your payment.

Important notes regarding your payment

  • Credit card payments will post almost instantly.
  • If you are using PayPal to make a payment, it takes some time for PayPal to approve and post a payment to your DreamHost account.
  • Electronic checks, mailed checks, or money order payments can take several weeks to process.
  • If you have a balance due immediately, or are nearing account suspension, it is recommended that you use a credit card or PayPal for quicker service.

Once a payment clears, it will be applied to your account and DreamHost will send you a receipt for the payment to your account profile email address. Bank statements will show the charge as coming from ‘DreamHost -’.

Minimum payment

The DreamHost online payment processor has a minimum amount it will accept for online payments. This minimum amount is currently $5.50.

What if my due balance is less than $5.50?

If your due balance for the month is lower than $5.50, DreamHost simply rolls your due balance over to the next month’s invoice. Until your balance is over $5.50 on an invoice, the amount will keep deferring the balance to the next month. Once your overall monthly due balance is $5.50 or higher, you can then pay off the full balance due.

What if I don’t want to have a small balance deferred each month?

If you have a balance of less than $5.50 and want to take care of that amount so you don’t carry a balance, you can make a payment for more than you owe. For example, if you owe $5.00, you can make a payment of $5.50 (which is the lowest amount that can be accepted). Your $5.00 balance will be paid, and you will have a positive credit of $0.50 remaining, which will be applied to any future service fees.


The panel allows you to make pre-payments on your account, however the prepayment will not apply to the charge or service(s) until it’s ready to renew. This means the pre-payment you submit will stay on your account as a positive credit balance until a charge/service is due.

You also aren't able to define to which charge or service the pre-payment will apply: the next charge on your account automatically withdraws from the existing credit balance.

Making a pre-payment

  1. Navigate to (Panel > “Billing & Account” > “Make Payment”).
    01 prepayment.fw.png
  2. On the top of the page, click the Make a Payment Now button.
    A drop-down list of payment methods appears.
  3. Once you’ve expanded the Make a Payment Now menu, make a selection from the following prepayment options:
    • PayPal
    • Credit/Debit card
    • Checking account
    • Check or money order (via regular mail)
    • Gift certificate
    Once you make a prepayment using any of the payment options, your account shows a positive balance at the top of the page with the amount you paid.

Your bank statement will show the DreamHost charge as “DreamHost”.

Payment extensions

When your monthly billing statement comes to a close, DreamHost provides you with an automatic 60-day grace period to pay the balance due in full. If the balance is not paid within 60 days, the account is automatically suspended and services are taken offline. However, DreamHost support is able to offer you a payment extension if you need it.

When does my balance need to be paid?

The DreamHost billing system operates on a monthly invoicing schedule and the end of your billing period is determined by the date when you originally opened the account. Ideally, due balances on invoices should be paid as soon as possible.

However, DreamHost provides a 60-day grace period from the closing date of the invoice for these payments to be made. This grace period is set automatically in the system, and you will continue to receive billing reminder notices until the balance has been paid or the account has been suspended.

You can read more about account suspension at:

The image below is a sample of billing due dates:

01 Extensions due date.fw.png
  • Your original Due Date is the end date on your monthly invoice.
  • If your balance is not paid 30 days later, your account is considered Past Due.
  • After another 30 days (60 days after your original invoicing date), your account is considered delinquent (if it is unpaid) and will be suspended.

How can I get an extension?

If you need some additional time to make your payment past the 60-day grace period, contact DreamHost support on the (Panel > ‘Support’ > ‘Contact Support’) page to request a payment extension.

DreamHost is able to provide an extension of an additional 30 days, on top of the 60-day grace period. If you need more time, please indicate this in your request.