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The panel allows you to make pre-payments on your account, however the prepayment will not apply to the charge or service(s) until it’s ready to renew. This means the pre-payment you submit will stay on your account as a positive credit balance until a charge/service is due.

You also aren't able to define to which charge or service the pre-payment will apply: the next charge on your account automatically withdraws from the existing credit balance.

Making a pre-payment

  1. Navigate to (Panel > “Billing & Account” > “Make Payment”).
    01 prepayment.fw.png
  2. On the top of the page, click the Make a Payment Now button.
    A drop-down list of payment methods appears.
  3. Once you’ve expanded the Make a Payment Now menu, make a selection from the following prepayment options:
    • PayPal
    • Credit/Debit card
    • Checking account
    • Check or money order (via regular mail)
    • Gift certificate
    Once you make a prepayment using any of the payment options, your account shows a positive balance at the top of the page with the amount you paid.

Your bank statement will show the Dreamhost charge as “DreamHost”.