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OpenVBX is a web-based open source phone system for business. Get virtual phone numbers, and build business apps with the easy drag 'n drop editor. OpenVBX comes with applets for auto-attendants, call forwarding, voicemails (with transcription), receiving text messages and more. Integrate OpenVBX with your existing systems. Build your own custom phone applets with just a little bit of PHP. Rebrand and resell OpenVBX to your customers. Give every use their own phone number and personal conference line. Dial whole departments, share voicemail messages with the team. OpenVBX is for companies and collaboration.. You can learn more at Open VBX's website.

Possible Installation Issues

You will want to make sure that you use the IP address for your MySQL database server instead of "localhost" as your webserver will NOT be the same as your MySQL server. You can find your MySQL IP address by clicking the "DNS" link underneath the domain where OpenVBX is installed on the Domains > Manage Domains page (it will be an A record labeled mysql*). The username/password credentials can be found on the Goodies > Mysql Databases page (just click the link in the column "Users with Access" next to the OpenVBX database).

For other installation issues, make sure to follow the instructions here.