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The following are the DreamHost nameservers:


Where possible, always try and use the name instead of the IP address.

Also note that a name server change can only be made through the domain's current registrar.

What do nameservers do?

Your domain's nameserver setting determines where all the DNS records used by your domain are kept and managed. You can set your domain to use DreamHost's nameservers, so that your domain will automatically use the DNS records from your DreamHost panel, and if the DreamHost DNS changes your website will automatically be updated to use the new information.

Keep in mind that nameservers control all DNS information, including those for your website and email. Changing what nameservers your domain uses may change all the domain's services (website, email, etc) to point to a new location or host. If that's what you want, that's fine! Just be sure to check, before you change the nameserver setting, that all the DNS records you want your domain to continue using are already setup on the new nameservers.

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