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Your domain's nameservers control where all of the DNS records used by your domain are managed. You can set your domain to use DreamHost's nameservers so that your domain will automatically use the DNS records configured in your DreamHost panel.

A benefit to keeping the nameservers for your site pointed to DreamHost is that if the DreamHost DNS changes for any reason, your website will automatically be updated to use the new DNS information. For example, if your site is ever moved to another server, the domain will automatically resolve to the new server IP. Whereas, if you had your nameservers pointing elsewhere and your site hosted at DreamHost, you’d have to update the domain’s A records to point to the new server’s IP.

Dh-kb-important-icon.fw.png Important:

Keep in mind that nameservers control DNS information, including those for your website and email. Changing what nameservers your domain uses may change all of the domain's services (website, email, and so on) to point to a new location or host.

Before you change the nameservers, make sure that all of the DNS records you want your domain to continue using are already set up with the new DNS provider. This way, once the DNS resolves for the new external nameservers, the services will function right away. But remember that the propagation time of nameservers can take 4 to 72 hours before they resolve to the new host company.

DreamHost’s nameservers

The nameservers for all of the domains managed by DreamHost, including ‘’, are set up using the following:


If your domain is registered with DreamHost, the panel will show the option of setting these DreamHost nameservers without needing to enter the information above.

If your domain is registered elsewhere, the change to your nameservers will have to be done with the current registrar of that domain name. The details above can be set with the current registrar to point the DNS management for your domain to DreamHost. This way, DreamHost can manage the DNS settings for you through the (Panel > ‘Domains’ > ‘Manage Domains’) page in your panel.

Dh-kb-note-icon.fw.png Note: It's recommended that you point your nameservers to DreamHost. This makes the management of your DNS simpler as all records can be found within your DreamHost account.

How to change the domain’s nameservers at DreamHost

There are many reasons for changing nameservers – you may need to host a domain elsewhere, or perhaps you want to run your DNS through a CDN (content delivery network) like CloudFlare. You can change a domain’s nameservers on the (Panel > ‘Domains’ > ‘Registrations’) page.

The information below explains how to update the nameservers for domains that are registered with DreamHost. If you own the registration elsewhere, you must make the nameserver change with the current registrar.

You can update the nameservers through two different pages on the DreamHost panel.

Using the Manage Domains page to make a change

One of the main pages you will be accessing for the management of your domains hosting is (‘Panel’ > ‘Domains’ > ‘Manage Domains’):

01 SPF.fw.png
  • Under the domain name you wish to edit, click the 'DNS' link.
The following page appears
Dh-kb-note-icon.fw.png Note: If the nameserver section is not listed on the above page, it means the domain isn't registered with DreamHost and its nameservers aren't controlled from the DreamHost panel.

  • Erase the nameservers listed in each box and replace them with the nameservers provided by the new host. (Note: Not all hosts require three or four nameservers.)
  • Click the blue Set these nameservers for! button to save your changes.

Using the Registrations page to make a change

You can also edit the nameservers on the (‘Panel’ > ‘Domains’ > ‘Registrations’) page. If your domain is listed on this page, it is registered with DreamHost and the nameservers can be edited.

  1. Click the Whois Info button located next to your domain registration (or, if you have multiple registrations, check the box under the ‘Modify Whois?’ column next to the domain you want to modify and then click the Modify Whois! button).
  2. On the next page, click the Nameservers tab and select the ‘Use another host's nameservers’ option to change your nameservers to another host (or, you can set DreamHost’s nameservers automatically by clicking the radio button for ‘Use DreamHost’s nameservers’).
    If you set your DNS to point to another host’s nameservers instead of using DreamHost’s, the following fields appear on the Nameservers page:
    03 whois info.fw.png
  3. In the fields provided, enter the nameservers for the other hosting company.

How to change your nameservers at popular registrars

If you did not purchase your domain registration from DreamHost, you must either transfer the registration to your DreamHost account, or point nameservers to DreamHost. To point your nameservers you must log into your account at the registrar where you purchased the domain.

The following list provides links to popular registrars explaining how to do this:

Nameserver DNS propagation

  • Nameserver changes can take anywhere from 4-72 hours for the modification to completely propagate, so your domain isn't going to route to the new nameservers right away.
  • When setting the new nameservers with the registrar, it can take up to an hour for the WHOIS modification to be processed.
  • You should see the WHOIS reflect the new nameservers for the domain within the hour, but the domain will still require time for the DNS to resolve to the new IP’s under the new nameservers set.

Creating custom/vanity nameservers

It is possible to create custom/vanity nameservers for domains that are registered with DreamHost. For example, if your site is, the nameservers would automatically be set as follows:


Since your site is registered with DreamHost, you can change those nameservers to match your domain as shown below:


These will function the same way except that the name of the DNS record is altered along with which hosting company it points to. To create these in your panel, follow each step below:

Dh-kb-note-icon.fw.png Note: The following steps will only work if your domain is registered with DreamHost, and you are pointing your nameservers to another host.

  1. Navigate to (Panel > 'Domains' > 'Registrations').
  2. Click the Whois Info button located next to your domain registration (or, if you have multiple registrations, check the box under the ‘Modify Whois?’ column next to the domain you want to modify and then click the Modify whois! button).
  3. On the next page, click the Nameservers tab and select the ‘Use another host's nameservers’ radio button to change your nameservers.
    In the example below, we're assuming your site registered with DreamHost is and you're adjusting your namesevers to match:
    01 Vanity NS.png
  4. Click the blue Save Nameservers button to save.
  5. You're presented with a screen with errors for the IP address fields.
    Make sure to enter the non-DreamHost IP addresses for each corresponding Vanity Nameserver:
    02 Vanity NS Error.png
  6. Click the blue Save Nameservers button to save.
    A Success! confirmation confirms the nameservers have been saved:
    03 Vanity NS Updated.png
Dh-kb-note-icon.fw.png Note: DreamHost does not support creating vanity nameservers that point TO DreamHost nameserver IPs. Vanity Nameservers only currently work when the DNS remains pointed AWAY from DreamHost.

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