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Move a domain to a PS server.

Video Walkthrough

This video walk through will show you how to move a domain to a PS server after it has been added to your account.

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Manually via rsync

If you'd like to do this manually, you can do so by creating a new user on the PS itself and then copying all the data from one user to the other for the domain in question. The command that I find best for this is the rysnc command:

Here are my notes to remind myself in case I have the wrong syntax for whatever reason:

rsync Syntax

rsync -e ssh -av

Verbose and keep files as they are (permissions, group, etc). Transport everything over SSH. Verbose meaning that it will write out everything it is doing on screen.

rsync -e ssh -av source dest

How the paths should be set up. source being where the files are being rsync'ed from and destination is where rsync is copying the files over to.

There are some slight syntax changes depending on what you want to copy over as far as if you want to copy an entire folder and its contents or just the contents of a folder:

Copy folder alone vs. Copy folder and its contents
  • /home/user copies everything in folder and the folder itself
  • /home/user/ copies just the contents in user

rysnc from shared server to PS

So your syntax should look something like this (assuming you are doing this from the shared server):

rsync -e ssh -av /home/<user>/ <user>@<>:/home/<user>/

So if you have user1 on shared and user2 on ps9999 then it should look like:

rsync -e ssh -av /home/user1/


  • Please also note that for security reasons, you will not be able to have an admin user associated with any domain you have set up.
  • If you have any trouble with this or have any questions, please contact our support team!

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