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Mono is an open source project (sponsored by Novell) that allows the development and deployment of .NET client and server applications on Linux, Solaris, Mac OS X, Windows, and Unix. In particular, it will allow some ASP.NET applications to run.

While Dreamhost does not currently provide the mod_mono Apache extension, it may be possible to run Mono using the FastCGI approach described in This has not been verified.

sblom successfully built mono-2.2 (with some difficulty due to some linker steps being killed by Dreamhost for using too much memory). He's now working on getting XPS (Mono's fast-CGI-enabled server) to work. Let's collaborate on this on Talk:Mono.

There are currently three outstanding suggestions for adding Mono support to Dreamhost:

  • 2004-07-02 (Software Installations) Install Mono 1.0 (for c# ASP.NET apps on linux).
  • 2006-03-20 (Software Installations) Add support for the mod_mono apache package.
  • 2007-09-10 (Software Installations) Install the latest stable version of Mono.

In-depth tutorial for compiling and running Mono on Dreamhost by Tiaan Geldenhuys:

Quick and dirty way of intalling Mono and GMCS 1.9 on Dreamhost shared account:

Mono 2.10.2 installation script for Dreamhost: