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Includes the following email-related functions:

Manage Email

Create, edit, or delete any email addresses hosted on your DreamHost account.


Edit settings for Webmail and access email via the web. This area allows you to configure Webmail access for all of your domains. To change the options for a particular domain, click its edit link. On the next page, there are four settings:
  • Disable Webmail: Disables webmail on your (ex, Checking this doesn't mean that you can't check your email at all, you'll still be able to use a regular mail program or
  • Webmail Location: The Webmail URL sets the domain you use to access the webmail application. The default is webmail.
  • Enable RounCube Webmail: Changes the webmail client from SquirrelMail to Roundcube.
  • SquirrelMail Login Image URL: If you would like to customize the appearance of your webmail login screen, enter the URL of an image here.
  • SquirrelMail Login Organization Name: Allows you to change the text below the image.

Custom MX

Manage the MX records for mail.

Announce Lists

Announcement lists are one-way email tools that enable you to send a single message to hundreds or even thousands of subscribers.
Announcement Mailing List


Enable and edit settings for junk mail filtering.

Discussion Lists

Discussion lists are collaborative email tools that enable you to send a single message to hundreds or even thousands of subscribers.
Discussion Lists

Message Filters

Message filters allow you to sort your mail based on criteria that you specify.
    Note2 icon.png Note:
    • Of course if your e-mail client supports keyword filtering (most modern mail clients do now days) then you can apply filters there as well. Since our filters operate on the server side they will be applied before any local filtering done by your mail client software.
    • Forwarding only addresses (aliases) cannot process keyword filters (or junk mail filtering either).
    • If you have our Anti-spam filtering enabled for your domain that is processed before keyword filtering.


Configure your account to immediately send an automatic response to all messages sent to any of your email addresses. Keep in mind that only one message per day, per sender will be sent.