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LiveChat is a new support service we have implemented to help get you faster support. To open a LiveChat conversation with a support technician just click on the "Chat Live" button at the top of your Webpanel page

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The LiveChat windows will popup from your Webpanel and display this page.

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By opening the LiveChat Window, a signal will be sent to the techs on our end that you have a question. Within a few moments you will be connected and be shown who you are chatting with. You may want to start typing your question while you wait for a technician to pickup the chat.

If your issue requires further looking into the technician will instruct you to open a support ticket so that an admin / developer can investigate your issue as not all support issues can be resolved properly via chat.

All Chats are stored in your Webpanel's Support History page in case you ever need to go back to it later.

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Please Note: We are not able to provide any sensitive account information via the chat system for security reasons but we will gladly email your requested information to the contact email that is listed on the account contact information.