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The instructions provided in this article or section are considered advanced.

You are expected to be knowledgeable in the UNIX shell.
Support for these instructions is not available from DreamHost tech support.
Server changes performed by DreamHost may break your modifications. You, as the user, are responsible for troubleshooting and resolving issues with your customizations.

The instructions provided in this article or section require shell access unless otherwise stated.

You can use the PuTTY client on Windows, or SSH on UNIX and UNIX-like systems such as Linux or Mac OS X.
Your account must be configured for shell access in the Control Panel.
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This article describes how to install LimeSurvey, an open source survey application. This guide was written for Version 1.90+.

For help on using the shell you can take a look at the UNIX commands and you can also get help on changing directories. If you want to save the output for debugging and support then you can look at the Redirection Symbol.

Initial installation

Create a new fully hosted subdomain and a new MySQL database

  1. From the Dreamhost control panel, create a new subdomain such as
  2. (Optional) Specify PHP mode: PHP 5.3 FastCGI
  3. Specify your web directory: /home/username/
  4. From the Dreamhost control panel create a new MySQL database named yourdatabasename.

Checkout the source code

BEWARE: It is NOT recommended to retrieve the source code as described below. Basically you will download a development version with the following instructions. Also this version will NOT be updateable by the LimeSurvey-internal ComfortUpdater. If you want to make sure that your version is a regular stable one please download from .

  1. SSH into your Dreamhost account
  2. Enter commands below in the terminal
$ cd ~/
$ rm -r public
$ svn checkout ./

Check for the latest version.

Configure the LimeSurvey installation

  1. Make your LimeSurvey setup readable for the web. You can use chmod -v -R 755 ./*
  2. Make a backup the config file: cp config.php config.php.backup
  3. Edit config.php with a text editor.

In basic setup section, find

$databaselocation   =   'localhost';
$databasename       =   'limesurvey';
$databaseuser       =   'root';
$databasepass       =   '';

// File Locations
$rooturl            =   "http://{$_SERVER['HTTP_HOST']}/limesurvey";

Change it to:

$databaselocation   =   '';
$databasename       =   'yourDatabaseName';
$databaseuser       =   'yourDbUsername';
$databasepass       =   'yourDbPassword';

// File Locations
$rooturl            =   "http://{$_SERVER['HTTP_HOST']}";

Run the installation script

  1. Go to ""
  2. If you configured everything correctly you will be asked to create the necessary tables inside the database. Select "Populate database" button. After the script shows that it successfully created the tables, select "Main admin screen" button.
  3. You will be prompted to rename or delete the /admin/install directory.
cd admin
rm -r install

Connect to the administration site

Congratulations, you're done with installation. Now, login to the administration site:

  1. Go to ""
  2. Login with username: admin, password: password
  3. Assuming everything was successful, read the LimeSurvey first login instructions and change your username and password.


These instructions were based on Redmine installation instructions.