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All transactions, reward payments towards your balance, credits, service charges and registrations are displayed in your invoice. Please note that we can only provide an invoice once you have created your account and purchased a service or made a payment, we are not able to provide invoices for services not yet rendered. If you or your organization requires some type of invoice before making a payment please Contact us to find a solution to your issue.

You can view your invoice for your account by clicking on the Billing > View Invoices links in the top left side of your WebPanel.

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The billing page is broken up into 2 sections, 1 section allows you to download your invoice in .PDF format and the other allows you to view your invoice online

Billinginvoice 02.png

Download Invoice

You will need to have Adobe Reader installed on your computer to be able to view your invoices. Once you have it installed you will 1. just need to select which months billing cycle you would like to view and 2. the number of months you want to have included in your invoice download. Once you have done that all you have to do is click on Download PDF Invoice

Billinginvoice 03.png

If you are using Internet Explorer you will need to click on Save

Billinginvoice 04.png

If you are using Firefox you will be taken to a PDF page within your browser and you can either print the invoice out or you can click on the Save icon to save the invoice

Billinginvoice 05.png

View Invoice Online

The online invoice view is fairly simple, it has its own sections.

at the top of this section you will see the invoice selection tool, it will allow you to choose which month's invoice you want to see and how many invoice you want to display at once.

Billinginvoice 07.png

Next you have the actual invoice, the sections are explained below

Billinginvoice 06.png

  • 1. Your Invoice #, Invoice Date, Billing address and our address is you need to mail us a payment.
  • 2. How much you owed from last month that has not yet been paid.
  • 3. How much we are charging you this month for services rendered.
  • 4. What you have paid to us this month.
  • 5. How Much you owe to us total, this includes any past due balances you have not yet paid.
  • 6. All Services we have charged you for this month (This will show you what you owe money for)
  • 7. All Payments you have made this month,(This will display if it was a credit card, credt, check, or rewards payment)