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The customer billing process operates on a monthly invoice system. On the date that your account is opened, your monthly invoicing and billing date is set. Any charges added to your account during the monthly period leading up to your monthly billing date, as well as any payments made or rewards received, are all displayed on your invoice.

How can I download or view my invoices?

You can view any of your complete past invoices in your panel at (Panel > ‘Billing & Account’ > ‘View Invoices’).

01 Invoices.fw.png

This billing page has two portions:

  • The first portion allows you to download a PDF of your complete or past invoices
  • The second portion allows you to view any of your invoices right in the panel.

Downloading the invoice from the panel

You must install a PDF viewing program on your computer to view your invoices. One of the most popular programs is Adobe Reader, though there are many more PDF viewing programs available today. Once you have a program installed, you can download copies of invoices using the options described in the screenshot below:

02 Invoices downloading PDF.fw.png
End Date
Choose the monthly billing cycle that you wish to view in your download. In the example above, this account’s billing cycle ends each month on the 28th. Your billing cycle may have a different monthly billing date as that is based on when your account was originally opened.
Number of Months
Choose the number of months that you wish to display in the PDF download. This is a good option if you need to download a years worth of invoices all at once.

Once you have chosen your options, click the Download PDF Invoice button to save a copy of this invoice to your computer.

Viewing the invoice online

You can also choose to view your invoices online within your panel.

03 Invoices view invoice.fw.png
End Date
Choose the end date of the invoice that you want to view in your panel. You can also view your current open invoice on this page, by selecting ‘Current’ from the dropdown menu. If you choose ‘Current’ please note that the open invoice is subject to change through it’s end date as items can be added to the invoice until the invoice is closed at the end of the billing period.
Number of Months
Choose the number of months that you want to be displayed in the panel. This is a good option if you want to view several months of charges and payments all on the same page.

Click the Display Invoice button and your panel will display the invoice report based on the choices above.

The sections of your displayed invoice are detailed below:

04 Invoices panel display.fw.png

The top section of the invoice

  • your invoice number
  • the statement period of the invoice
  • the total amount due
  • your DreamHost account username
  • your account details
  • DreamHost’s billing address (if you choose to mail in any payments)

The middle section of the invoice

Previous Balance
The previous balance from the last invoice that has not yet been paid.
New Charges
New charges that have been added to your current invoice.
New Payments
Payments that you have made to this DreamHost account on the current invoice.
Payment Made On
The date you made your last payment.
Balance Due
How much owed in total. This includes the current due balance on the invoice as well as any past balances from previous invoices that have not been paid.

The bottom section of the invoice

Under the section titled ‘Charges made to this account’ you’ll see a detailed list of all charges added to your account on your current invoice. This section shows all payments that have been made during this current billing period.

When can I download a PDF copy of my full invoice?

Your invoice can change up until it’s ending date. Because of this, PDF downloads of your invoices are only available after the billing cycle has ended. If your organization requires an invoice before payment can be issued, DreamHost provides a 60-day grace period for all due balances (from the end date of the invoice).

If you need to submit a payment, but must have a physical invoice before payment can be issued, you will have a full 60 days from the end date on the invoice to submit payment.