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*.uk domain names are not transferred using the same process as standard domains (.com, .net, and so on).

To initiate a transfer of a *.uk domain name, you must start the process at your current registrar and provide them with DreamHost’s ‘IPS Tag’.

How do I transfer a *.uk domain to DreamHost?

To transfer in your *.uk domain:

  1. Contact your current registrar, and ask them to update the IPS tag on your domain to DreamHost’s tag which is ENOM.
    IPS tags are case-sensitive so make sure ENOM is in capital letters.
  2. Visit the Transfer your domain registration to DreamHost wiki for instructions on how to proceed with the transfer.

How do I transfer a *.uk domain away from DreamHost?

To transfer a *.uk domain that you own at DreamHost to another registrar, please ask your new registrar for their IPS tag. IPS tags are case-sensitive, and once an IPS tag is changed, it cannot be reversed.

  • Once you obtain the new registrar’s IPS tag, log in to your DreamHost panel, and use the (Panel > ‘Support’ > ‘Contact Support’) page to contact a support representative.
  • When submitting your request, make sure to clarify that the IPS tag on your domain needs to be changed for you.