How to submit an App

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Any developers can submit their app to our One-Click installation system by filling out the submission form. We encourage you to read the Web Application Submission Guidelines to familize yourself with what information will be needed. Once the app is reviewed it will be published to the One-Click Install Catalog

Existing customers can submit an app through the DreamHost Panel, under the One-Click Install tab.

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Non-Customers can create a Developer account and start submitting Apps.

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What info is needed?

Here is a list of the information we gather on a Application submission. Please note that the items in bold are required for the app submission.

  1. Application Name
  2. Version number
  3. Developer's Name
  4. Short Description (125 character limit)
  5. Full Description
  6. Applications site URL
  7. Download URL
  8. Install Instructions URL (Instructions to guide users through the initial installation)
  9. Help URL (Where users can go if they have trouble using your software)
  10. Screenshot URL (338px x 253px)
  11. Logo URL (Displayed with size 72px x 72px)
  12. Tags (comma-separated)
  13. License (e.g. GPL, BSD, proprietary, etc.)

That's it! Once the app is submitted, it will be sent to a queue for review. Once it has been reviewed, you will be emailed a notification, and the application will be listed on the One-Click Application catalog if it was accepted.