How to Use Transmit with DreamObjects

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How to Use Transmit with DreamObjects

Transmit is a Mac FTP application that also allows you to connect to DreamObjects. Use the interface or mount DreamObjects as a disk in the Finder. Before you begin, you'll need to create a bucket in the DreamObjects Panel.

DreamObjects connectivity is available in version 4.4 of Transmit. Download the latest release from Panic's site or from the Mac App Store.

  1. Launch Transmit and select S3 on the right side.
    • Enter for the Server.
    • Enter your Access Key for the Access Key ID.
    • Enter your Secret Key for the Secret.
  2. Click the plus button on the lower-left to save it as a favorite. Give your favorite a name and save it.
  3. Upon connecting to DreamObjects, the buckets you've created and the data within will appear on the right side.

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