How to Use ExpanDrive with DreamObjects

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How to Use ExpanDrive with DreamObjects

ExpanDrive is an app that allows you to connect to DreamObjects just like a USB drive. It is available for both Mac and Windows and allows you to access DreamObjects from any application on your computer. Before you begin, you'll need to create a bucket in the DreamObjects Panel.

Mac32.png Mac Version

ExpanDrive 3 includes support for DreamObjects. Download the latest release for Mac.

  1. Launch ExpanDrive and click New Drive on the left. Choose DreamHost DreamObjects from the Drive Type.
    Expandrive mac 01.png
  2. Enter your DreamObjects Access Key and Secret Key from the panel. Give the drive a nickname and click Connect.
    Expandrive mac 02.png
  3. Your DreamObjects drive will appear in the drives list along with any others you may have created.
    Expandrive mac 03.png
  4. DreamObjects will now show up as a mounted drive. You can see it visible under Devices in the sidebar. You'll also see it in open and save dialogs in your applications letting you easily access your DreamObjects data.
    Expandrive mac 04.png

Windows32.png Windows Version

  1. Download the latest release for Windows.
  2. Launch ExpanDrive.
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  3. Click 'DreamObjects' in the first window.
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  4. Enter your DreamObjects Access and Secret keys. Visit the DreamObjects Keys article for details.
  5. Click the Save button.
    03 Expandrive.png
  6. Click the arrow icon to the right of the 'DreamObjects' option.
    04 Expandrive.png
    An explorer window on your computer opens with your DreamObjects bucket
  7. Your DreamObjects data is now accessible as a mounted drive letting you easily access your DreamObjects data.