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Adding to the Wiki

Almost any page here in this wiki can be a place for you to share your knowledge and tips with other DreamHost customers. Start with the Main Page, and follow links or search from there. All are welcome to participate in the wiki, in accordance with the DreamHost:List_of_policies.

Please understand that the Wiki is *not* a Discussion Forum, and is intended to be used to share information and document the use of DreamHost's services. The DreamHost Community Forums is the proper place to ask questions of, and provide answers to, other Dreamhost users about DreamHost's services, problems you are having with your sites, etc. (Please note the DreamHost Forums Welcome and Guidelines)

If you wish to discuss the contents of a wiki page, please do so on the page's "talk" page (reached by selecting the "discussion" tab at the top of the article page) rather than within the article itself.

External Links

How to Add Wiki Pages

Information on how to start a new topic in the Dreamhost Wiki is provided here --