Getting Started

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Getting Started

Getting started with DreamHost is easy!

By completing just a few basic actions you can have your site up, content posted and email rolling in! We'll take you through it step-by-step here but please feel free at any time to contact our fantastic support team if you get stuck, have questions or would just like us to take care of something for you.

Let's get you going!

  1. Verify your domain setup.
    While you should already have your domain and registration set up during the sign up process, it's always a good idea to verify things. To double-check just head to the panel and look at Domains > Manage Domains and you should see your domain already configured to be fully hosted like so:
    If you're not seeing your domain there this guide will show you the proper steps to enable that so that you can proceed.
  2. Set up email for your domain.
  3. Set up WordPress to manage content on your domain (if you'd like to go another route there is more general site building information here).

Congratulations! You're off and running! If you're interested in other information that new customers can benefit from we have this listing of related articles.