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One of the many benefits that DreamHost provides is that we give you one FREE registration each year when you maintain a shared web hosting plan with us.

What does this mean?

When you sign up for a hosting plan or renew your hosting plan, you receive one (1) registration credit for free. You can use this registration credit to register a new name, renew an existing name here with us, or transfer it to us which also adds on an additional year from the existing expiration date, so you won't have to pay each year for one of your names like you do at other hosting companies.

How does it work?

Every 11 months, you receive a Registration credit that can be used to renew, register, or transfer a registration to us. The First registration you choose or transfer to us is free when you sign up for a hosting plan and starts the clock on when you receive the next registration credit.

How can I tell if I have a free Registration Credit?

You just need to log in to your WebPanel and go to the Registrations page. If the renewal price shows $0.00, this means that you have a free registration credit available. And if it shows $9.95 for a renewal, then this means that you have either already used up your free registration credit or have not yet received it.

Freeregistration 01.png

If you do not have any registration that show up on the registration page, this means that no registrations are available yet. Once you set up a registration, you can use the free credit.

Anything else I should know?

Yes! If you renew your registration using the free registration credit but then close your hosting plan before the year is up, you are responsible for the registration cost of the registration your renewed, registered, or transfered to us. Usually this amount is deducted from your refund. You will also continue to own the name until it expires.


Who owns the free registration? Dreamhost or me?

You are the full owner of the registration with which you use the free registration credit; we basically just give your account a $9.95 credit each year.

Can I use the credit for other services?


If the registration is transferred to another company, can I renew it at that other company for free?

No. You can only use the free registration credit on names that are registered here; you can always transfer it to us for free.

On what type of registrations can I use the free registration credit?

Since the registration has to be registered here with us, it can only be a .tld that we support (.com .net .org .info)

What if I used the free registration on the wrong name? Can I change that?

Yes, but there should be no reason to do that since you have to pay for the 2nd registration regardless; and once the registration is renewed, even if it was renewed by accident, it cannot be returned so the charge still stands. But we understand that some of our customers are resellers and have a reason to want to fix this so we have no issue doing this. You can contact us if you need help with this.