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DreamHost provides all shared hosting customers with one free domain registration credit for the first year which can be used toward a .com, .net, .org, .info, or .xyz domain.

What is the free registration program?

When you sign up for a shared hosting plan:

  • You receive one (1) registration credit for free.
  • You can use this registration credit to register a new domain name, renew an existing domain name, or transfer a qualifying domain name (.com, .net, .org, .info, .xyz) to DreamHost from another provider as transferring a domain name adds a year to the domain’s current expiration date once the transfer completes.

If you use the free domain credit, but close your shared hosting plan before your annual period has completed, you are responsible for the cost of the registration for which the credit was used. Usually this amount is deducted from your refund, unless there is a balance due on the account before you cancel. You also continue to own the domain name until it expires.


How can I check if have a free credit on my account?

You can check this in your panel, on the “Registrations” page by navigating to (Panel > ‘Domains’ > ‘Registrations’) .

If you have a free credit available, the price for the renewal of all .com, .net, .org, .info, and .xyz domains is listed as “$0.00”.

For an example, please refer to the following screenshot:

01 free reg.fw.png

If this page shows a fee listed for your .com, .net, .org, or .info domain renewals, this means that your free credit has already been used for the year.

If no registrations are listed on this page, you can register a new domain using the ‘Register a new domain’ box toward the top of the page:

01 reg basics.fw.png

Who owns the free registration? Dreamhost or me?

You are the full owner of the domain registration that you use the credit towards.

Can I use the credit for other services?

No, this credit cannot be used toward any other services or items.

If the registration is transferred away to another company, can I renew it at that other company for free?

No, the free domain credit only applies to domains that are managed through your DreamHost panel.

On what type of registrations can I use the free registration credit?

While DreamHost does offer many different domain extensions, the free credit is only available for use on the following standard domains: .com, .net, .org, .info, or .xyz. The credit cannot be used for specialty domains or international country-specific domains.

I used my free credit toward one registration, but intended to use it for another registration. Can this be changed?

Yes. DreamHost support can assist you with applying the free credit toward a different domain, if requested. An example would be if you renewed two domains at the same time, but wanted the credit to be used on one domain instead of the other. However, this would really only change which domain shows as renewed for free in your invoice – it won’t change your payment amount, or the date that your credit was used.

DreamHost understands that some customers are resellers and have a reason to use the credit for a specific domain listed on their invoices. Please feel free to contact support on the (Panel > ‘Support’ > ‘Contact Support’) page if you need assistance with this.