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These are instructions on how to setup hosting for a domain that is NOT registered through our registrar.

These instructions will go over how to configure the domain to use DreamHost for DNS hosting and web hosting.

Setting up the hosting

The following assumes that you already have a DreamHost account. If not, please go ahead and signup here

Go to your account's Manage Domains section.

Next, click on the Add Hosting to a Domain / Sub-Domain button to add the domain to our system.

Select the desired option form the page that follows.

Configuring your domain

After preparing your domain's hosting in our system, you will want to set/change your domain's name servers. This simple task usually involves logging in to your account at the registrar, and looking for the name server configuration. If you do not know how to find these settings, contact your registrar.

You will want to update the name servers to ours:

Please note: Modifying your domain's name servers can take about 1-3 days to propagate through the internet across the world.

Domain Registration vs Domain Hosting

Domain name registration just gives you legal ownership over the domain name. Domain hosting is just where your website will live. This is why you need to have the name servers in the domain's registration point to our servers.

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