Fees and Charges

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What set up fees are there for DreamHost services?

There are no longer set up fees for any DreamHost services!

What about sales tax? Are there any hidden charges?

There is no sales tax on any DreamHost purchase. There are no hidden charges of any kind.

What are the TOTAL fees for your hosting services?

Your total cost is the monthly price of the plan you sign up for, multiplied by the number of months you decide to prepay. There is also a one-time $49.95 setup fee for hosting plans, which is waived if you pre-pay for twelve months or more. This fee is the same for all plans.

If you do not already own a domain, you can register one through DreamHost for for free with any hosting plan. Any additional domain registrations are just $11.95/year for .com/.net/.info -- other domain names have different fees. If you choose to register your domain elsewhere, the registrar will charge you a registration fee, which may be more or less than $11.95/year.

That's it! There are no other charges for hosting with us... no hidden fees at all!