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Starting March 27, 2009 we will be providing our own SSL certificates, these certificates will be signed by DreamHost SSL and will offer the following benefits:

  • Domain validated certificate (single)
  • 1024 bit Industry Standard SSL Certificate
  • Trusted by all popular Browsers
  • 99.3% Browser Compatibility
  • 128/256 bit encryption
  • Support (via e-mail & web)

In this wiki we will show you the how easy it is to setup a secure site. If you have any questions regarding this process please Contact Support.

Adding Secure Hosting Service

To begin just login to your account and go to Domains > Manage Domains, page then you will want to click on "Add" under the Secure Hosting column to the right of the domain name you want to add this to.

Setup ssl 1.jpg

Configuring Settings

You will then select the domain you want to be secured from the drop down menu, then select how you would like to pay for the required IP address (Monthly or Yearly). Fill out the rest of the information then click on "Add now"

Info 48.png If you want your site to use the www. in it's url, then you just have to edit the settings after you add the secure hosting in this step, also this is personal preference so just choose which ever you like.

Setup ssl 2.jpg

The Free Default Unsigned Certificate

Once you click on "Add Now" you will be shown a green success message to confirm it has been added. At this point your site is now setup with a "unsigned" secure certificate which is pointed out under the "Certificate Type"

You can add a "Signed" secure certificate by clicking on the links indicated by the orange arrows

Setup ssl 3.jpg

Info 48.png What is an Unsigned Certificate and what are the advantages/disadvantages

Advantages: It's Free and offers the same security as a signed certificate. This is a good option if you dont mind seeing warning messages and just need the secure connection.

Disadvantages: The visitors of the secure site will get warning messages like this that they will have to pass through to see your site.

Setup ssl 4.png

and once they are on the site they will still get a message that the site may be unsecured as shown in this image below

Setup ssl 5.png

Using an unsigned certificate is not recommended for sites that will be catering to online customers (shops, services, etc.)

Adding a Signed Certificate

On the Manage Domains page you will notice your domain now has an IP address assigned to it. If you need a "Signed" certificate just click on the "Certificate" link under the Secure Hosting column

Setup ssl 6.jpg

You will see that the Self-Signed Certificate is selected by Default.

Setup ssl 7.jpg

Go ahead and select "Use a Professionally signed certificate" and this form will open up for you to fill out,

Setup ssl 7-2.jpg

once you are done click on "Save Changes Now" and you will be taken back to the Secure Hosting page where you will see a Success message conforming that your settings have been saved and you will also notice that there is now a new certificate under the "Secure Certificate" section that has a status of "On Order"

(Alternative) Installing your own Certificate

Ssl 04 name.png

If you already have your own certificate that you bought somewhere else and just want to install it you just need to click on the "Certificate" link under the Secure Hosting column

Setup ssl 6.png

then select the "Manual Configuration" option which will open the form where you will need to insert your certificate. The default Self signed certificate will be loaded in these boxes, just replace them with your own certificate.

Setup ssl 7-3.png

Final Conformation

After 1-5 hours once we get your order back from the Certificate service our system will automatically install it and send you an email with a copy of the certificate code for your own records and also to let you know that you have now successfully setup the secure certificate service.

Setup ssl 9.jpg

you will also notice that the secure hosting page now has updated your certificates status

Setup ssl 10.jpg

and your site will also have a lock icon and no longer give warning messages when you visit the secure site

Setup ssl 11.jpg

that is it