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  • Are you receiving duplicate e-mail messages?
  • Do you have several e-mail addresses forwarding to this address?
  • Are you using e-mail clients on multiple computers?
  • Using the POP3 e-mail protocol?

The POP3 protocol is notorious for downloading the same message several times if you have the "leave a copy on the server" option enabled in your e-mail client. Especially if you're accessing the same e-mail account on multiple computers. If that's the case the duplicate messages will have the same message ID. You can view the message ID in the headers of the message. Unfortunately there's not much that can be done to eliminate duplicate messages unless you change the way you access that particular e-mail account.

Here's an example of a message ID;

"Message-Id: <46007331.1050908@onthisworld.com>"

See this Wiki article on Viewing_Full_Headers if you want to investigate further.

Also check out this article as well on the controversy of using POP3_vs_IMAP e-mail protocols. I recommend "when in doubt - use IMAP."

  • Using our WebMail interface.

Our WebMail interface uses the IMAP e-mail protocol to access your account so messages are always in sync with the server! You can leave "read" messages on the server for others to read if you like. And you can even set them back to "unread" status if necessary. They won't be deleted until you decide to delete them yourself (or the automatic "Inbox_Archiver" deals with them, but that's user configurable). Plus it can be accessed from anywhere in the world - from multiple computers.

The URLs for webmail are (unencrypted http://webmail.YOURDOMAIN.COM/) or (encrypted https://webmail.YOURDOMAIN.COM/) unless you've disabled or changed it via the control panel. Please be sure to replace "YOURDOMAIN.COM" with your actual domain name or you'll end up at the wrong site! Log in with your e-mail username & password at the prompt. You can view your actual WebMail URLs in the control panel under (MAIL > WEBMAIL) if you have control panel access. NOTE: If you use the encrypted (https) URL just accept the certificate mismatch error. Since we don't provide you with your own SSL certificate for the webmail sub-domain you will use our certificate instead - that is just fine.

  • If you do you have several e-mail addresses forwarding to a particular address then there's a good chance that spam messages will be duplicated!

If that's the case you will be able to see that the original recipient addresses are usually different for each message received. There's not much you can do about that except to enable and configure our free Junk_Mail filter for that domain. That can help to reduce the amount of spam messages that actually show up in your inboxes. NOTE: If you have a forwarding address associated with a mailbox that has our Junk Mail filter enabled it will only forward messages that pass through the Junk Mail filter or are moved to your inbox from quarantine. That's pretty handy!

If you have questions please contact support for assistance.