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The DreamHost Web ID is a unique identifier that allows access to DreamHost's systems.

About your DreamHost Web ID

Your Dreamhost Web ID identifies you in your relationship with DreamHost. Getting a Dreamhost Web ID does not cost you anything.

You cannot change your Web ID, ever. All newly-created Web IDs are automatically generated based on the first few characters of your first and last names. It is no longer possible to select your own Web ID (for example: allyourbase1, cooluser, inyourface, jdaniels, and so on.)

Your Web ID is not the same thing as your FTP, email, or shell account username.

Creating your Dreamhost Web ID

This method will prompt you to either register a new domain or transfer a registration to us and/or setup a hosting plan. If you don't want to do either see the next section on "Creating a Free Web ID" instead.

To create your Dreamhost Web ID, go to the DreamHost Web ID Central. Under "New Users" click the "Sign up!" link.

On the web form you will be asked to enter a userid, password, other information identifying your account. Some of this information may be useful to DreamHost to identify you in case you have lost your password. You know, they ask you your secret question, you provide the secret answer.

You will also complete the form with your name, address, phone number, and some demographic data.

When you have filled out the form, click the "Sign up Now" button at the bottom of the form. You should be presented with a page telling you that your account has been created or you may be asked to correct errors or omissions on the form.

NOTE -- DreamHost stopped allowing new customers to choose their Web ID. They recommend using your email address to log in with, rather than the auto-generated Web ID assigned by DreamHost.

After successfully creating your Dreamhost Web ID, go back to the control panel and log into your new account.

Creating a Free Web ID

Q: How do I create a Web ID without paying for hosting or domain registrations?

There are probably only two reasons why you might need a Web ID without signing up for a hosting plan or domain name registration. The answers follow. Note that you can always add domain registrations or a hosting plan to your free Web ID later if you want.

A1*: (If you are not hosting with us but are referring new customers as part of our "DreamHost Rewards Program".)

Click on this link: (Create Fee Web ID Now)

NOTE: Current customers, if you have not logged out of the control panel after you last used it this link will not take you to the right place! Be sure to log off of the control panel before visiting this link. Non-customers who have never logged into our control panel however should have no problems with it.

You will be able to manage your DreamHost Rewards program and payment options under this account. You may notice that your account status is "pending". This is normal since you won't need to make any payments unless you add a hosting plan or domain registrations to your account. But that would (of course) require paying fees. If you decide to go that route, just submit a support request (SUPPORT > CONTACT SUPPORT) and we'll approve your account which will allow you to make payments.

A2*: (If another DreamHost customer is going to delegate (control panel) resources under their Web ID to you to manage.)

They can create a new (subordinate**) Web ID under an existing account in the control panel under (USERS > ACCOUNT PRIVILEGES) then give you the new Web ID and password.

Before you do this please review the information carefully in these other Wiki articles!

Old KB article on Account_Privileges


When you understand what you're doing go to: (USERS > ACCOUNT PRIVILEGES) to set up the new Web ID and assign the proper account privileges.

* NOTE-1: Control panel access is not required to manage a web site. To do that only FTP or shell access is required.

* NOTE-2: Each new Web ID MUST have a unique primary e-mail contact address! This is because you can log into the control panel either using your Web ID or your primary e-mail contact address. Also, the primary contact address is also the ONLY address that can be used for referrals! Additional address can also be added if you like. These can be duplicated across other Web IDs, but the primary contact address must be unique.

** NOTE-3: Even though your Web ID may be subordinated to another Web ID (as far as their account is concerned), you can still create your own account under that Web ID. Accounts created under your Web ID are independent of the primary Web ID that may have created your Web ID in the first place.

Deleting a Web ID

Question: Is it possible to delete a Web ID that is no longer in use?

Answer: No. It's not possible to delete Web IDs. They are permanent. However, if you no longer need your account you can close it (effectively ending any hosting plan(s)).

To close your account, just click the 'close account' link on this control panel page (ACCOUNTS > MANAGE ACCOUNT).

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