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The DreamHost panel allows you to upload files directly to DreamObjects through your web browser. This guide covers how to upload files to DreamObjects using the DreamHost panel.

Uploading a file from the DreamHost panel

There are a variety of applications that allows you to upload and manage your data stored in DreamObjects. The DreamObjects Viewer inside the DreamHost panel provides a way to upload data to DreamObjects using your browser.

Dh-kb-note-icon.fw.png Note: Uploads from your browser are limited in size to 64MB.

  1. Navigate to the (Panel > Cloud Services > ‘DreamObjects’) page.
    01 DHO Panel Upload.fw.png
  2. Locate the User that contains the bucket you wish to work with, and then click the View Objects button.
    The available buckets appear in the following window:
    02 DHO Panel Upload.fw.png
  3. Select the bucket that you’d to which you wish to upload objects.
    You’ll see the objects currently in the bucket in the following window. An Upload Objects button appears at the bottom of the Object Browser.
    03 DHO Panel Upload.fw.png
    • The Object Browser is now ready for uploading.
    04 DHO Panel Upload.fw.png
  4. Drag your files into the Object Browser or click Select Files to choose files using the file browser.
    If your file is larger than 64MB, you’ll see a warning message that indicates that the file is too large:
    05 DHO Panel Upload.fw.png
  5. To copy another file, drag it into the window or click the Add more files button at the bottom.
    Your upload progress is shown:
    06 DHO Panel Upload.fw.png
    • You can upload additional files during the current upload simply by clicking and dragging the files into the window.
    07 DHO Panel Upload.fw.png
  6. When finished uploading, click the Done button on the bottom right.
    The file now appears in the Object Viewer.
    08 DHO Panel Upload.fw.png
  7. Click the Switch Bucket button at the bottom to return to the Object Browser main page.
    09 DHO Panel Upload.fw.png
  8. To close the DreamObjects view window when you're done, click the grey X in the upper right corner.