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Upload a File from the DreamHost Panel

You can now upload files directly to DreamObjects from your browser. Login to the DreamHost Panel to get started.

And just FYI, uploads from your browser are limited to 64MB each.

  1. Locate the User that contains the Bucket you want to work with and click the View Objects button.

    An Upload Object button will appear at the bottom of the Object Browser.

    Dho upload 1.png

  2. The Object Browser ready for uploading.

    Dho upload 2.png

  3. Drag your files into the Object Browser or click Select Files to choose files a file browser.

    Dho upload 3.png

  4. Your upload progress will be shown. Click Done when finished.

    Dho upload 4.png

  5. The file appears in the Object Viewer.

    Dho upload 5.png