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Overview of using CNAME records in DreamObjects

DreamObjects now allows you to create aliases that point to your buckets using CNAME records. You can use a CNAME record to map a DreamHost.com bucket URL to a domain under your control, like media.mygreatsite.com. Now it's even more convenient to use DreamObjects to store your web content!

Examples of CNAME records and buckets

CNAME Record DH Bucket to which it points
bucket.mwod.net bucket.objects.dreamhost.com
bucket.mwod.net/object bucket.objects.dreamhost.com/object

We also built an interface that is accessible from the DreamObjects panel that creates, deletes, and modifies these CNAME records.

The new interface includes:

  • A section for permissions
  • A link to the bucket
  • A section for setting up aliases as subdomains of domains on the Account
Note2 icon.png Note: If you're using a third-party DNS, be sure to manually copy the CNAME from the panel to the nameservers since it won't automatically propagate.

Creating, deleting, or modifying an Alias (CNAME Record) for a Bucket

You use the Change Settings dialog box to modify CNAME records.

To access the Change Settings page:

  1. Open the dialog in the DHO panel by clicking Change Settings on a bucket row.
    Dreamobjects cname 1.png

    The Change Settings dialog box opens for the bucket you selected.

    Dreamobjects cname 2.png

  2. Create an Alias by entering the domain(s) you wish to use from the drop-down list. You can also delete and alias by clicking the red x on the right-hand side.
  3. Select a permission by toggling the PERMISSIONS switch.

    Dreamobjects cname 3.png
  4. Click Save Settings, or Cancel to return to the previous screen.

Important icon.png Important: You must click Save Settings for any changes to take place, including the permissions setting.

Creating an Alias (CNAME Record) for a Bucket with DreamSpeed CDN

Creating an alias for a bucket with DreamSpeed CDN enabled is just like creating an alias for a regular DreamObjects bucket.

Find more information on DreamSpeed CDN

  1. With DreamSpeed CDN enabled, you now have the option to create aliases for a regular DreamObjects bucket or an accelerated bucket with DreamSpeed CDN enabled.
    Once DreamSpeed CDN is enabled (note the CDN SUPPORT switch in the bottom left), a new dropdown box appears next to your domain alias.

    Cdn buckets settings.fw.png

  2. In the dropdown menu, choose Bucket to create an alias to the DreamObjects bucket URL or CDN to create an alias to the DreamSpeed CDN URL.

    Cdn option.png

CNAME example

Dreamobjects cname 4.png

Note2 icon.png Note: These are exactly the same CNAME records you can manage in the DNS section for a domain on the Manage Domains page. A CNAME record that you successfully create in Manange Domains also appears in the DreamObjects interface.