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Article size
Article size is limited by technical issues and considerations of readability and organization. It's useful to split long articles and combine small pages.
Build consensus
It is assumed that editors working toward consensus are pursuing a consensus that is consistent with the policies and guidelines of the DreamHost Wiki - especially the neutral point of view.
Provide an edit summary
Providing an edit summary, even if the edit is minor, makes the wiki work better by quickly explaining to other users what your change was about.
Mark minor edits
If your edit is minor, please mark it is a such by checking the box beneath the summary text field.


If an article's name is very similar to another, make a note at the top. If many articles share a name, create a disambiguation page.


Avoid the following problems:

  1. Poor grammar or spelling
  2. Disorganized or confusing articles
  3. Conversational language
  4. Inaccuracy
  5. Overlong articles
  6. Repetition
  7. Out-of-date information


Talk Pages

Comment on the article
Talk pages exist to discuss the article itself, not the subject in general.
Sign your comments
Ensure that you sign every comment you make with four tildes (~~~~).
Comment thread readability
Use colons (:) to indent your comments for readability.
Avoid moving comments
Do not move comments from one place to another unless absolutely necessary. Entire discussions can be archived in sub pages off the main talk page.

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