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Dreambook's Policies on things like Privacy, Offensive Content, and the like..

Could you please remove this entry I signed in a user's dreambook?

Unless a guestbook or guestbook entry violates California law, we won't edit any user's guestbook for them. Period.

Guestbook owners themselves have the ability to delete entries from their books, so you should contact the book owner directly, rather than DreamBook.

If your entry is illegal (child pornography, libel, copyright infringement), that is an exception to this policy.

I am offended by this guestbook and/or entry. Will you take it down?

Unless a guestbook or guestbook entry is illegal in the state of California, USA (see below), we will not take it down.

You can remove an offensive entry from your own guestbook, however. Click here to find out how.

Material that is, without a shadow of a doubt, illegal in California includes: blatant copyright infringement, libel, and child pornography.

Hate speech and links that are not defamatory or illegal are protected by the first amendment, and so we will not consider guestbooks/entries with that content illegal.

We don't actively monitor our content, and will only take action against someone if the illegality of their book is brought to our attention.

Will you give out my personal information to somebody complaining about my DreamBook?

Nope. We won't supply your email address, password, IP address used to create the account, or anything of the like to anyone who doesn't have a Court Order requiring us to give it to them by law.