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Whenever a domain is registered, ICANN requires the registrant's contact information be made public via the "WHOIS" Internet service. This may seem like an invasion of privacy, but don't worry, it is illegal for anybody to use this public contact info for marketing purposes!

Unfortunately, nobody seems to care! Which means that as soon as you register a domain name, you start getting deluged with email spam, paper junk mail, and even telephone calls from sleazy folks trying to sell you stuff, scam you, or worse!

Which is why DreamHost offers the ability to use our "proxy" contact information on all domains registered with us, totally free! If you choose this option when registering a domain with us all paper mail will be sent to a PO BOX where it is immediately shredded. All emails will be automatically forwarded on to you (without revealing your actual email address to the public Internet). It's then up to you how you deal with them.. setting up your own filter for domain-related spam would be trivial! Finally, the phone number given is just a recorded message explaining they need to email you if they want to get ahold of you!

Wowza, it's all so simple, effective, cheap, and private! And, to top it all off, you're still in compliance with ICANN rules requiring posting legitimate contact information with all your domain registrations!

Oh yeah, and your registrations through us will be private by default!

As of 06/21/2011, these TLDs cannot use WHOIS privacy:

.asia, .ca, .cn,,,,, .coop, .de, .des, .es, .eu,,, .in,,,,,,,,,, .us