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Adding Cron Jobs

  1. Click "Goodies->Cron Jobs" on the menu tree on the left of the control panel.
  2. Click the Add New Crontab graphic.
    Add cron.jpg
  3. You should come to this form:
    Add cron form.jpg
Choose the user who will execute the Job. The user must have the proper permissions to read and execute the file or command.
Give the Job a friendly name.
Command to run
This is where you put the file or command to execute.
Use locking
Toggle whether the file will be allowed to run multiple times simultaneously (checked is disallow).
When to run
This is how often your command should run. This can be a simple as Hourly, Daily, Weekly, or Monthly. You can also specify the exact time(s) it will run.


  • Files executed via Crontab must have Execute and Read permissions for the Owner selected in User or better (chmod 500 or chmod u+rx or better).

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