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Control Panel
Quick Links

Main Menu
Note2 icon.png Note: This page is a continuing work in progress in an effort to show you the latest improvements for all the panel features. You can also read about all the latest changes in the Panel UI Changelog wiki.

Logging into the DreamHost Web Panel

  • To log into your DreamHost panel:
DreamHost panel
  • Enter your email/password and click Sign In. If you forgot your password, click Reset password and follow the instructions.
  • If enabled, enter your Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) number on the following screen.
  • Upon log in, there are a series of menus on the left-hand side as well as two horizontal navigational bars at the top right and the Account Status link, which expands to reveal hosting details about your account.

Vertical Menus

The following describes the menus from top to bottom.

Toolbox Menu


Main Menu


This menu includes 11 submenus with links to the majority of stuff that you'll want to access via your panel. The menus can be collapsed and expanded.

Active Account (if available)


This displays accounts/subaccounts that you have access to which allows you to toggle between them.

Note2 icon.png Note: This is only visible if you have access to more than one account. Looking at the above example:
  • Harpo's Account*
  • Grouchos's Account*
  • Some Other Clown (if available)
*the asterisk shows accounts owned by you!

Horizontal Menus


First Row

System Status


Support Wiki


Second Row

Edit Profile

This is where you can change the contact details for your account.


Close the session/log out of the panel.

Account Status


The Account Status link expands to reveal the following (click the Account Status link to open the menu):

  • Account: Account Name and Account Number.
  • Hosting Plan: Hosting Plan and Payment Increment Option (i.e., one year or two).
  • Domains Hosted: Number of domains and subdomains hosted.
  • Next Rebill Date: When you will be invoiced.
  • Disk Usage: The amount of disk space used.
  • Bandwidth Usage: The amount of bandwidth used.
  • Email Accounts: Number of email address for all domains.
  • FTP Account: Number of users (all types, FTP, SFTP and Shell) for all domains.
  • Your Web Server: The name of your web server.
  • Your MySQL Server: The name of your MySQL server.

Search Box


Search while logged in to your panel.

Chat Live Button (if available)