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Chartbeat is a third-party paid service that is now integrated into your DreamHost webpanel to provide you with very detailed traffic information.

Chartbeat dhpanel.jpg

Chartbeat's own dashboard gives you the pulse of your site, showing you what traffic you have, who is sending it to you, and where it is going. Chartbeat enables you to react to events as they happen: promote or improve a rising story to maximize time on site, participate in discussions about your site on the web, raise prices in response to demand.

Chartbeat panel.png

While traditional measurement only knows that there were 5 visits between 10:00 and 11:00, chartbeat knows which sessions are active at any given moment and what they’re doing. When you load the dashboard or view your history, you see slices in time, some with 2 users present at once (10:05), some with 4 users present (10:00).

Chartbeat howitworks.jpg

To cancel this service, you will need to login to your account at Chartbeat that was created for you when you activated to service. You should have the login information, if you do not please use the Chartbeat Forgot Login page.

Once you are logged into your Chartbeat account, just go to the Cancellation page or click on the Cancel link at the bottom of the Chartbeat dashboard.