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PHP 5.0 includes a Standard PHP Library (SPL) for quick development in building PHP applications. It is much like the C++ STL (Standard Template Library), which was under development for more than 6 years before inclusion into the C++ standard. The SPL development is contributed largely by only one guy. The classes are a work of art and allow some interesting features to be implemented.

Sadly, documentation for SPL is lacking and plagiarism is also wrong. Doing a Google search for some of the more common classes will pick up quite a few examples, but not for ever one.


Official SPL Documentation - Doesn't include any examples, only brief descriptions on what each function or method is supposed to do and UML diagrams.

PHP SPL Documentation - Serves only as a placeholder and for comments. Does not include every SPL class.

PHP SPL Wiki - Devoted to defining SPL and giving examples. Incomplete.

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