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Click above to see the Request Callback checkbox more clearly

At DreamHost, we mainly provide support through e-mail. We do however provide an option whereby customers can request a phone call back from our technical support team.

Callbacks are not included with our standard hosting package by default. You can, however, add three callbacks per month to your account for a nominal monthly fee.

Setting up a phone call back plan

Callbacks must be requested through your account control panel:

  1. Log in to your account and click the Contact Support (Support > Contact Support) tab.
  2. Complete the steps that describe the support issue (there are several screens to complete in this process; click Next to proceed.)
  3. If you would like to add "Premium Phone Support" to your account, check the Request Callback at the bottom of the final page of the Submit a Support Ticket process.
  4. Fill out the additional information and click Send Message Now.

If you don't actually need a callback at the time of submission, just indicate that in the ticket before you submit.

Pricing and other info

By requesting our Premium Phone Support feature you agree to the following:

  • The cost is $14.95/month for this service which provides up to 3 callbacks per month. Of course, you still get unlimited access to our awesome Live Chat support service at no charge whether you get the monthly phone plan or not.
  • If you have a Dedicated plan, you automatically receive 3 callbacks at no extra charge.
  • You can also request a one-time phone call back for $9.95.

You can cancel this service when you no longer need it through the Manage Account section in the DreamHost Panel.

Why is phone support a paid premium service?

Note2 icon.png Note:
  • We do NOT provide a call-in telephone number; all phone support issues are handled as callbacks.
  • We do NOT provide callback support for numbers outside the United States and Canada. We apologize to our international customers.