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Getting Started

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Warning: This feature is still in BETA so it may have some issues. If you run into a problem please contact support and let us know what is going on so we can have our Developers hammer out any issues that pop up.

Important! Until further notice, only Option #2 described in the following video works at this time. Please check back later for an update. Thank you.
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The cPanel Importer feature imports and sets up your account using the cPanel backup that you have obtained from your old hosting provider. Before using this feature, make sure that you do not have a domain with the same name in your hosting account, since this will prevent the import from working properly. The import feature sets up the following:

  1. FTP Users
  2. Domains
  3. Email Mailboxes and Aliases
  4. MySQL Users and Databases

The cPanel Importer can be found on this page

Cpanelimporter 01.png

The importer has the following two options:

Important! Until further notice, only Option #2 described below works at this time. Please check back later for an update. Thank you.

Option #1 - DreamHost systems will attempt to login to your cPanel at your old host and obtain a backup of your hosting setup (website, emails, databases, configuration etc). If successful, the import process will begin.

Option #2 - If you already have a cPanel backup file, you can simply upload it via FTP or SCP to your DreamHost hosting account and then specify the location you copied it to. The backup file would typically take the format filename.tar.gz where filename equals the name and date for the backup file. This option is faster since DreamHost does not have to obtain a backup from your old host.

Note: This process can take a while to import depending on the size of your backup (15 minutes to an hour). Once the import has finished, you will receive an email telling you whether the import has succeeded or failed. Do not change anything in the newly imported site until you get this notification, since it can prevent your website from working properly afterwards.