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This page is dedicated to helping people reduce their CPU usage, and is sorted by software title. Everyone is invited to make suggestions for various programs that they've used to tune their programs.


WordPress is blog software that runs on PHP. We recommend use of the WP-Super-Cache plugin for WordPress sites under high load.


(The older version, WP-Cache, has a nasty bug, you probably shouldn't use it.)

We also recommed you NOT to use the "Latest Comments" plugin for WordPress, as it is known to be poorly written and consume a pointlessly large amount of CPU time and mysql queries.

Along the same line, OpenID should also not be used. As described in a blog-post, this plugin can be misused and you will be a target of CPU overuse spam. Your server will be instructed to initiate numerous (and continuous) PHP instances to pr0n/3rd-party websites, in order to extract the fake OpenID user's name & email information, which will consume CPU minutes and slow down your website.

More information on caching and fighting spam in WordPress can be found in the WordPress_Troubleshooting article.

  • Does this also apply to "Get recent comments" plugin by Krischan Jodies? --Lquilter 14:00, 25 May 2007 (PDT)