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Includes the following billing/account-related functions:

Manage Account

Your account information in a nutshell.

Make Payment

Add or change the details of your payment method.

View Invoices

Print or view invoices. See the complete record of charges and credits. Change the number of months to view.

Account List

Lists the accounts you have access to.


Change your password and security question.

Backup Your Account

An easy way to generate a complete account backup.


The affiliates program is a way to receive credit for referring customers to DreamHost. See the Rewards page from the wiki for details.
Also from the DreamHost site:
Hosting Rewards

Buy Gift Card


Bandwidth Usage

Stats on bandwidth usage by domain.

Disk Usage

Disk usage by user, fully hosted domain, email address, database, and discussion list.

MySQL Usage

Status for MySQL Usage by database, disk usage, connects, queries, and conueries.