Backup Email to Your Computer

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Email backup 01.png

This guide will explain how to Backup your email and store it on your computer. This method can only be used as long as you can make a POP connection to your email account.

1. To begin you will need to setup a POP (aka POP3) connection to your email account from a program like Outlook, Thunderbird, Mac Mail. Which you can find instructions on how to do by clicking on the links for the program you are going to use.

2. Once you have made the POP connection to your account and start the Send/Receive process you will notice that the emails have been downloaded to your computer.

3. You can now backup these emails on your Email client by keeping them in the inbox or making a new folder on your email program and moving all of the emails into this newly created folder. This is a good idea if you are planning to move these emails back into same email address but on a different email service. You can read instructions on how to do that in this guide on Uploading your emails to a new address.

This method can be used to transfer emails from any address to any other address. So it will be a great idea for transfers to Google Apps email service if you want to move to that