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This article is a portal to various strategies and tools for backup of data on your DreamHost sites.

Automatic Backups

Dreamhost automatically backs up files in your domain. See Domain Restore for details.

Manual Backup Techniques

  • One Click Account Backup
    One Click Account Backup. This feature lets you download all the data in your account, including all users, mailboxes and databases, in a series of .zip archive files. The backup will skip users that are larger then 4 gigabytes. You will need to manually back up the site using FTP in that case. Try # tar cvz [--remove-files] -f mytarfile.tgz . to compress the entire current directory, scp user@host:mytarfile.tgz . to download the file to your local machine, and rsync --partial --progress --rsh=ssh user@host:mytarfile.tgz mytarfile.tgz if you need to resume an aborted transfer. Use md5sum mytarfile.tgz to compare the files and make sure everything made it over.
  • A newer Python script to backup your account via DreamHost API
  • For MySQL database: Backup MySQL, Restore SQL backup and Migrate MySQL
  • For website files: Backup Website Manually
  • For MediaWiki sites: MediaWiki/Backing up a wiki
  • For email Backup Email to Your Computer

Offsite Backup Techniques

What is not backed up

(It would be good to describe what data is not backed up. See discussion page.)

WordPress Backup

There are many popular plugins to use for backing up WordPress. You can store your backups on Amazon S3, DropBox or even DreamObjects. Whenever possible, it's wise to limit the number of backups to a reasonable amount, as infinite backups can cause performance issues on your site.

Suggested Plugins:

For more information about DreamObjects, see the following related pages:

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