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Automated MySQL snapshots are a DreamHost service for keeping a few recent copies of the files in your DreamHosted domain as a backup. MySQL snapshots were announced in the V8.02_February_2006 newsletter. Also see Backup or Category:Backup for other backup tools and strategies.

More Official Description from Dreamhost would be nice

Like frequency, etc.

MySQL Snapshots

At DreamHost, we know everybody's data is important, no matter what plan they're on. That's why all our packages include full backup "snapshots" of your MySQL data at various regular intervals (TBD).

Restore Your Own DB!

But hey, we all make mistakes! Actually, everybody besides Josh makes mistakes. Oh my, that first sentence was the first mistake Josh ever made. It will (not) be the last.

Anyway, for everybody else, we now have a little feature to help you be a little more "Josh-like". The ability to automatically restore your MySQL databases from backups, right from our panel!

Just click the little "restore" button you now see there. You'll be given a list of backups you can restore, choose to just restore a certain table or the whole thing, and decide how you want the restored tables renamed.

OR, if you prefer the mistake route, you can always click the "delete" button instead.

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