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Sending attachments to DreamHost technical support team

  • You CAN send attchments via the control panel now!

Now you CAN send attachments when you SUBMIT a support request via the control panel. This is a new feature we've just added. An option to include file attachments is on the final page.

  • You CAN'T send them via e-mail replies!

Often you will be asked for more information when corresponding with DreamHost support technicians. If you want to send an attachment, such as a [[screenshot], you will not be able to attach it to any email reply because the support system strips out all email attachments. However, if you have textual information you can cut/paste it into your support reply. Plain text is OK, no HTML please.

  • Here's another alternative.

If you are already a customer you can just upload the file to one of your FTP user's home directories and tell the support representative where it is. If you need help with FTP you find some here: FTP

If you are not yet a customer, or you are unable to use FTP to upload a file, there are many free web sites out there that will help you. Here are some of the sites that you could use for this purpose:

Here are some that we recommend:

And some more: