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Akelos is a framework for PHP which has been adopted from Ruby on Rails. This is an attempt at putting together an Akelos backend website on DreamHost.

At the time of this posting the svn trunk as that is the recommended distrobution before version 1.0

Place the akelos codebase into a lib directory under your home directory (~/lib/akelos_framework). This can be anywhere but ~/lib seems like a good spot.

This example will create a site called "myAkelosSite".

The default install will result in "Call-time pass-by-reference" errors so we first need to get dreamhost to allow for call_time_pass_by_reference in the php.ini by folowing the instructions here: http://wiki.dreamhost.com/Custom_PHP.ini

Start by going to the mySQL setup page on the dreamhost panel and create three new databases...

  • myAkelosSite_dev
  • myAkelosSite
  • myAkelosSite_tests

  1. cd to ~/lib
    1. svn co http://svn.akelos.org/trunk/ akelos_framework
  2. cd akelos_framework
    1. ./akelos ~/sites/myAkelosSite
  3. Now navigate to your new site using a web browser and follow the setup wizard.

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