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Getting Started

How do I add a domain or a sub-domain to my DreamHost account?

It's really easy!

In your DreamHost panel, go to [Domains -> Manage Domains] then click on the "Add a New Domain / Sub-Domain" button towards the top of the page:

Add domains panel.fw.png

Using the Fully Hosted settings page

When the Fully Hosted screen opens, you can make the following five changes to your hosting settings:

DH panel fully hosted.png

Domain Name

  • Domain to host: your domain or sub-domain
  • Do you want the www in your URL? This is your choice and preference.

Users, Files, and Paths

  • Run this domain under the user: Select the FTP user that will own the files, or create a new one by selecting it from the drop-down menu(if applicable).
  • Web directory: defaults to /home/username/ (where "" is the domain you're adding)
  • Logs Directory Cannot be changed. The path is /home/username/logs/

Web Options

  • PHP Mode: PHP5.3 FastCGI is recommended for most websites
  • Extra Web Security Checked by default.
  • PHP XCache Support: only available for Private servers
  • Passenger (Ruby/Python apps only): Leave unchecked unless you know what you're changing.

CloudFlare Sevices

  • Enable CloudFlare on this domain?: Check the box to enable CloudFlare.
  • Click what's this? to view additional info on Cloudflare.

Google Hosted Services

  • Gmail - Select whether or not you would like your domain's email to be hosted by Gmail
  • Google Apps - Select whether or not you would like your domain to use Google Apps

Click on the blue "Fully host this domain" button to save your changes and Fully Host your domain!


Redirect your site from one URL to another
For more information, see Redirect Domain


Mirror the same content on two different domains
For more information, see Mirror Domain


This option just adds a placeholder web site with a generic DreamHost "coming soon" message. Please note that changing to this service will cause your domain's A record to change and will require about 4+ hours for those DNS changes to propagate before you can see the placeholder.


The Cloaked section has the following settings:

  • URL to Display: In the text box, type the name of another URL. DreamHost will detect any web requests to your domain, and display a frame containing the URL you supply.
  • Title in browser: In the text box, type some text. DreamHost will display this text as the title of the "cloaked" browser window.
  • Press the Cloak this domain now! button to set the web hosting option to cloaked and save these settings.

DNS only

This option just adds your domain into our system without adding any of the services listed above. This option is useful if you are trying to point your domain to an external host.